Here are the batting choices I offer when you bring your quilts to be machine quilted:

  • 6 oz. polyester - a thin light weight polyester batting that does not give your quilt a "puffy" look.

  • 9 oz. polyester - a medium weight polyester batting that is a bit thicker than 6 oz. and gives your quilt more of a "puffy" look.

  • 80/20 cotton/poly blend - a blend of cotton and polyester and will result in a flat quilt.

Here are the batting choices that are available by the roll:

This is for Sewing Circles, Quilt Guilds, etc.

  • 6 oz. polyester - thin weight

  • 9 oz. polyester - medium weight

  • 12 oz. polyester - heavy weight

Batting is also available by the yard. 

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