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Quilting Prices


To find the approximate cost of quilting, multiply the width times the length of your quilt top in inches. Then multiply the total square inches by one of the following:

  • $0.022 for "Edge to Edge quilting" (overall design)

  • $0.030 for "Custom quilting" (two different designs)

  • $0.040 for "Heirloom quilting" (three or more designs, OR if there is an "edge to edge" pattern in the body of the quilt and a different "edge to edge" pattern in the borders)

  • $40 minimum for small quilts

  • $40 set up fee for computerized quilting

  • $10 per thirty (30) minutes will be charged for basic loading of the quilt on the frame.

  • $10 per thirty (30) minutes will be charged for any repair work that needs to be done on the quilt top.

  • $10 per thirty (30) minutes will be charged for piecing the backing for your quilt.

  • 30% of the cost of quilting added to the quilting total if the quilt has to be expedited or done in 2 weeks or less.

You now have an approximate cost of quilting. Thread and polyester batting are included in the quilting price. Any specialty batting such as 80/20 cotton poly blend will have a small extra charge added. 


Don’t sew, but would like a quilt? No problem! Farm Girl’s Quilting will gladly make you a quilt! The rate for piecing the quilt top is $20 per hour. The quilting prices are as stated above.

The best kind of sleep
beneath heaven above
is under a quilt
handmade with love.