Here are a few tips so that your quilt is ready for quilting:

  • Your backing fabric must be 4-5 inches bigger on all sides than your quilt top, or 8-10 inches bigger than the measurement of your quilt top. (This is for pinning and clamping it to the machine.)

  • Your backing fabric should be free of any borders or pieced blocks.

  • All seams in the quilt top should be properly ironed and excess threads clipped.

  • The quilt top and backing fabric should be squared, neatly pressed, folded, and brought on a hanger.

  • Please do not serge the outer edges of the quilt because it causes stretching.

If you follow these tips, it will help to make sure that your quilt is ready to load on my machine. If you are unable to deliver your quilt as noted above, I will be glad to get the quilt ready for loading at a rate of $10 per thirty (30) minutes. 

Note: I am not able to quilt any top that is more than 110” wide. If the top is wider than 110” it will not fit in the quilt frame. The length does not matter.

Quilting is like painting
with needle and thread.